Bath Soak-Replenish

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The perfect antidote to dry, cracked skin in cold Canadian winter!!

Experience the calming and soothing effects of our milky bath soak, which combines dry skin-loving ingredients such as oat powder, goats milk and essential oils for a rich, creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

The soothing combination of several extracts may provide temporary relief from minor irritation and itchiness due to extremely dry skin.

Size - 236ml/8oz


As every individual is unique, not all products will work for everyone. All of our products are healthier remedies, not a cure. The information provided serves only as a general guideline, as everyone has different needs and responds differently to natural remedies. Many people have success with essential oils and natural products, however, some do not. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness on each individual.

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